About the Album

“Strange Behavior is an album by Animotion released by Casablanca Records.[2] It was the last album to be released by Casablanca Records” – Wikipedia

  • Release Date: 1986
  • Label: Casablanca

Track Listing:

  1. “I Want You” (Bill Wadhams, Rick Neigher)
  2. “I Engineer” (Mike Chapman, Bernie Taupin, Holly Knight)
  3. “Strange Behavior” (Randy Sharp, Don Kirkpatrick)
  4. “Stealing Time” (Bill Wadhams, Sue Shifrin)
  5. “Anxiety” (Dennis Morgan, Don Kirkpatrick, John Davis)
  6. “Out of Control” (Greg Smith, Louie Stone)
  7. “Stranded” (Greg Smith, Louie Stone)
  8. “The Essence” (Bill Wadhams)
  9. “One Step Ahead” (Greg Smith, Louie Stone)
  10. “Staring Down The Demons” (Don Kirkpatrick, Randy Sharp)